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Phan Thiet History & Culture

Phan Thiet History & Culture dated back to the once prosperous days of Champa Kingdom. Although Cham people are outnumbered by the Vietnamese and the Chinese, their impacts are still clearly observed in and around Phan Thiet city. It is undeniable that it is Cham features in all aspects and the typical lifestyle of native

Phan Thiet Events

Come to Phan Thiet and get yourself involved in the best of Phan Thiet Events & Festivals. Don’t be surprised to feel the profound traits of sea culture and Champa civilisation in these annual cultural and religious events of the city. And above all, be prepared to embrace yourself in the fun offered by those festivals and

Phan Thiet Highlights

Phan Thiet Water Tower Among Phan Thiet highlights, Phan Thiet Water Tower is the most remarkable, especially to domestic travelers. Even you yourself can easily recognise the image of the tower printed on the wrapping paper of a bottle of Phan Thiet’s fish sauce as a wordless statement that the fish sauce contained in the bottle

Phan Thiet Top Attractions

Among all of Vietnam famous tourism destinations, Phan Thiet is probably the latest one to be known and popular. In fact, Phan Thiet top attractions might have remained unknown if it had not been for 1995’s solar eclipse. With the information that Mui Ne – Phan Thiet was the best place on earth to have the complete

Central Highlands Events

Due to the rich culture of the land, Central Highlands events and festival highly features the cultural identities of the locals. It is culture that defines how the ethnic minorities celebrate their special occasions and, without intention, make them appealing to the tourists. The most important of Central Highlands Events: Gong Festival Gong Festival is an

Central Highlands Top Attractions

Central Highlands top attractions scatter among the 8 plateaus of the land. Benefited by the magnificent natural beauty as well as the rich culture, most tourist attractions of the Central Highlands guide you through their untouched genuine charm and the local lifestyle of the ethnic minorities. Buon Ma Thuot and Da Lat – Central Highlands top

Central Highlands Highlights

Just in case you happen to ask for more than gong culture and the tourist attractions of the Central Highlands, feel free to stay and continue exploring the land. Lucky for you and of course the place itself too, Central Highlands Highlights spotlight some of the most outstanding experiences that the land can offer. Remember to

Getting Around North Central Coast Vietnam

Getting around North Central Coast will help you to experience the most enjoyable and unforgettable places. Many great tips on public or private transport around North Central Coast are provided here. Feel free to pick out the one suiting you the best among the bike ricksaw, city bus, taxi, and xe om. Just take complete

North Central Coast Highlights

North Central Coast highlights in Vietnam amaze everyone as always due to its great diversity, especially as it’s surrounded with large contemporary cities, ancient citadels, and the most pristine and unexplored nature. North Central Coast Highlights Stroll around time-honored cities and citadels Owning a large number of cultures that have left the remnants of the

North Central Coast History & Culture

North Central Coast history & culture are explicitly shown through numerous historic sites and many cultural centers, which are dedicated to development of the national society. Not just that, there are also loads of ethnic groups in the area in which each of them will use their own language, named Thai, Muong, Dao, Kinh, and